"Everything But You" by Glen Phillips
music video credit list

Directed by
Matthew Ward
Written by
Ryan Chan
Story by

Laurel Phillips

Produced by

Ryan Chan
Matthew Ward

Director of Photography
John-Paul Beeghly

Edited by

Ryan Chan

Production Designer

Andy Novak

Storyboard Artist

Matthew Ward

Unit Production Manager

Christopher Browne
Associate Producers
John-Paul Beeghly
Glen Phillips
Laurel Phillips
Glen Phillips & "The Homonculus"
Glen Phillips
"The Homonculus" Double
Jeff Metcalfe
Glen Phillips Double
Christopher Browne
Key Grips
Brian Burke
Mark Walton
Production Assistants

Aaron Acosta
Kyle Kramer
Paul Krizan
Matt Markwalder
Stephen Suettinger

Hair & Make-Up
Margaret Easley
Additional Hair & Make-Up
Mandy Irvin
The Phillips Sisters
Property Master
Jimmy Skodras
Props Buyer (Santa Barbara)
Laurel Phillips
Props Buyer (Los Angeles)
Linh Nguyen

Visual Effects & Color Timing

Studioward Films
Rusty's Pizza
Rick & Kate Browne
Wishing Well Productions
El Sitio
Craft Service
Starbucks Coffee
Luner Pro Lighting and Sound
Santa Barbara Ice Co.
Samy's Camera
Special Thanks
Steve Starkey
Steven J. Boyd
The Sheltons
Celeste Wiedman
The Families of Oakleigh
The Crew of OceanWatch
bigHelium Entertainment
Thomas Elder-Groebe
George Loucas
Todd Busch
Santa Barbara Film Commision
Photography & Doc.
Paul Krizan
Manager to Mr. Phillips
Hugo Vereker

Stuffed animals were harmed during the making of this music video.
©2006 studioward films & Glen Phillips