Old News...
02.21.2014 - "Save Me" Video Shoot...
Ward just wrapped principal photography on Bay Area musician Jeff Cambell's first music video for his new single "Save Me." Having just recently won Guitar Center's Singer-Songwriter 2 competition followed by an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ward is excited about working with Jeff and his amazing band.
12.07.13 - Bungie's "DESTINY" Release Date Announced
Get ready for September 9th, 2014 because THAT'S when you'll be able to pick up your official copy of the highly-anticipated game DESTINY from Bungie. Ward has been working as one of the project's Cinematic Leads.
12.10.2013 - Jeff Campbell EP Released
Ward photographed musician Jeff Campbell for the cover of his upcoming EP release, "In Spite of Everything." Available now online at iTunes and Bandcamp.
02.22.13 - WARD Interview on CG Society
Ward was interviewed for his work as Director of Photography on "Escape From Planet Earth." Speaking on the subject of animated cinematography, Ward reflects on the challenges faced in recreating realistic camera moves with CG cameras. Visit CG Society and read the interview here.
02.17.13 - Bungie's "DESTINY" Officially Announced
Bungie has officially announced it's next project, titled "DESTINY" and has included a few little video-documentaries to go along with the press release! Watch a little preview of what DESTINY is all about here. Ward joined Bungie in July of 2012 as the cinematics' team's cinematography guru.
02.15.13 - "Escape From Planet Earth" Now in Theaters!
Nearly TWO YEARS to the day Ward joined the production, "Escape From Planet Earth" is finally out in theaters! The film is the result of a rag-tag group of amazing artists and production - we hope you and your family will head out to a local theater this opening weekend!
12.18.12 - "Escape From Planet Earth" Poster Released
The first official poster for "Escape From Planet Earth" has been released by the Weinstein Company and marks Ward's first poster credit! Have a look here!
11.02.12 - "Escape From Planet Earth" Trailer Released
The first official teaser trailer to "Escape From Planet Earth" has been released on Yahoo Movies! Have a watch here!
07.09.12 - Ward joins BUNGIE
Ward is joining the talented team at Bungie helping them finesse their cinematic shooting style for their upcoming unannounced project! Stay tuned for the official project announcement from Bungie, and have a read of Ward's "Breaking In" profile on Bungie's fan forum site here.
06.29.12 - "Escape From Planet Earth" Wraps
Today wraps final camera work, previz and initial lighting on the upcoming feature film, "Escape From Planet Earth." Once we deliver, we'll be going through a test screening that will determine if we get to expand on some ideas and maybe open a reel up or two!
11.14.11- Vancouver VES CAVE Event 2011
Ward will presenting at the Vancouver Chapter of the Visual Effects Society (VES) Celebration of Animation and Visual Effects event this Saturday night November 19th. Ward will be presenting for Rainmaker Entertainment, showing two final scenes and talking about the camera pipeline of the upcoming animated feature film, "Escape From Planet Earth," marking the first time any footage from the film will be screened for the public. Other presentations include work from Image Engine, Microsoft Studios, Method Studios, Prime Focus, Goldtooth Creative and more. Info and RSVPing here.
08.05.11- Ward Speaking at SIGGRAPH 2011
Ward will speaking at this year's SIGGRAPH at the opening Student Volunteer orientation August 6th. Along with industry professionals Troy Brooks (Head of Studio, Digital Domain Vancouver), Jason Dowdeswell (Head of Studio, Image Engine), and Greg Butler (VFX Supervisor, MPC Vancouver) Ward (Director of Photography, Rainmaker Entertainment) will be discussing his experiences in the VFX industry leading him to working in Vancouver.
08.02.11- "Escape From Planet Earth"
Today, The Weinstein Company officially announced it's upcoming animated feature film, "Escape From Planet Earth." Due for a summer 2012 release, Ward has been DP'ing the film leading the previz, layout, & final camera departments.
02.14.11- Ward Joins WTC & Rainmaker Ent.
With IMD closing its doors, Ward will be rolling up his sleeves as Director of Photography on The Weinstein Company's upcoming production of Rainmaker Entertainment's first animated feature film. More details as they become available to the public.
12.10.10- Dogman Joe Video Premiere!
Bay Vibes poster boy Dogman Joe just premiered his first music video for his single "BOUNCE!" Directed by Bay Area filmmaker Scott Kosloski, shot by Brent Johnson, and edited by Matthew Ward. Visit DogmanJoe.com and watch here!
11.30.10- Megan Slankard Video Premiere!
Megan Slankard's first music video for her single/album "A Token of the Wreckage" debuts today! Visit the "Filmwork" section to watch and be sure to check out Megan's music at Meganslankard.com! And a big thanks once again to the amazing crew we assembled!
10.29.10- CAKE "Sick of You" Video Premiere!
We're happy to share the finished music video for CAKE's "Sick of You" now up on YouTube. Click here or visit the "Filmwork" section to watch!
10.01.10 - Cutting "BOUNCE"...
We're teaming up with Bay Area artist Dogman Joe on his upcoming music video for his single, "BOUNCE." Already shot by the talented team of Scott Kosloski (director) and Brent Johnson (DP), Ward will be editing/timing the video. Stay tuned for it's premiere!
09.27.10 - "A Token of the Wreckage" shoot...
Just wrapped principal photography on Megan Slankard's first music video. It's been a large project for this San Francisco local artist and we're excited to show you the final product soon. In the meantime, here are some production stills taken by photographer Justin Oliphant showing the crew hard at work.
09.07.10 - CAKE "Sick Of You" shoot...
We just shot CAKE's new music video for their single "Sick Of You" from their upcoming album "Showroom of Compassion," the first CAKE release in over six years. When the video is out for viewing, we'll be sure to put up a link for everyone to enjoy!
09.11.10 - Ward Speaks at SCAD's 2010 Orientation
I was invited back to SCAD again to speak to the incoming students at SCAD's 2010 orientation. Hopefully I was able to inspire at least ONE student out in the crowd of nearly 5,000. Among speaking to the students about hard work and persistence, I was fortunate to play on stage with SCAD's Drumline, an organization I started when attending the college and still rocking strong nearly 10 years later!
06.29.10 - "Slow Motion" Experimental Video Up!
Here's another experimental short we've thrown together, this time for testing out our slow-motion pipeline. Set to the awesome tune of David Gray's "Slow Motion," we've titled it... "Slow Motion." Watch now! * Warning: Contains adult language. *
05.16.10- Roger Clyne & P.H. Naffah Photo Shoot.
Ward met another opportunity to shoot a favorite live band this past week, this time with Roger Clyne (vocals/guitar)and P.H. Naffah (drums) from the band, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Check out the photos from San Francisco's Great American Music Hall show and be sure to check out the music of Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers.
05.15.10 - Ward & Oliphant Consult Marin County DA's Office.
Filmmakers Matthew Ward & Justin Oliphant were invited by the Marin County District Attorney's Office to critique their first independent educational short film currently being shown throughout the county and making it's way through the state.
03.31.10 - Ward Speaks at Business Education Summit 2010
Ward spoke to a group of 300 high school juniors & seniors addressing the future of digital media and the opportunities that lie ahead for students interested in working within the arts. As the keynote speaker of the Hemet, CA Unified School District's summit, Ward hit home setting high goals and working hard to achieve them.
03.12.10 - Sad news as IMD announces closure.
Today, Steve Starkey, Jack Rapke, Bob Zemeckis, and Doug Chiang announced to their team of 450+ that Walt Disney Pictures has chosen to shut down Imagemovers Digital upon completion of the production of Mars Needs Moms. Shocking news for this amazing team that considered IMD a home and it's employees family. I've been a part of IMD since it's conception and am proud to have worked with such a collective of talent, creativity, determination, and drive for the past three years. It's a sad day for us all as we are forced to realize one day we'll all being saying "goodbye" to each other. Read the press release.
01.15.10 - We all work on a Yellow Submarine.
The new year starts off with some heavy lifting in ramping up for an exciting project here at IMD. As reported by Variety last August we're working on creating The Beatles animated classic, Yellow Submarine, in a whole new light. An exciting undertaking to say the least.
12.08.09 - Ward's Artwork Featured in Gallery Show
7 pieces of my still artwork (black & white faces series) we be featured as a part of Imagemovers Digital & the Marin Arts Council gallery show, "Counterpoint." If you're in the Bay Area, swing by and see the artwork of 35 artists working at IMD. Details here.
10.26.09 - Expert Judges Darren DiSaronno & Matthew Ward
I've been kindly dubbed as an "expert" judge as part of Creative's Vado HD Momentum Film contest. Read about it and see my silly Minolta 42XL camera headshot on the Vado Blog.
10.19.09 - "Love Isn't Love Without Adventure" Music Video
After some heavy sound issues and VFX woes, we've finally finished the music video for Super Adventure Club's "Love Isn't Love Without Adventure." Small crew, small budget, massive video! Check out the video and then check out Super Adventure Club!
09.30.09 - WPA Concert Photo Shoot.
Ward was just given exclusive privileges to shoot the band Works Progress Administration (WPA) in concert at The Independent in San Francisco. Check out the photos then check out the WPA Band!
09.27.09 - "A Christmas Carol" in theaters Nov. 6th!
The trailer is out & the buzz is building. IMD's hard work is about to be shared with the world. See for yourself a little sneak peek of the holiday classic as it's never been told... Watch the trailer!
09.26.09 - Artists Making Wine
This weekend marks my first attempt at making wine, professionally. Partnering with Art Director Kurt Kaufman, Animator Keith Johnson, and good friend Jason Harrison, we'll be harvesting some zin & syrah grapes for some '09 wine-making adventures. "Que Syrah? Syrah!"
09.12.09 - Ward Speaks at SCAD's 2009 Orientation
I was invited back to SCAD for the 4th time to speak to the incoming students at SCAD's 2009 orientation. Pushing the theme of accomplishing creativity through hard work, I spoke of the valuable tools SCAD has to offer and how those tools are useless unless there is a drive to utilize them. Hopefully I was able to inspire at least ONE student out in the crowd of nearly 5,000.
09.08.09 - Check out IMD's innards.
Congrats to Patty Bonfilio, Doug Chiang, and the design crews involved in making IMD such a killer place to call "home." IMD wins a prestigious award from Architectural Record - Read all about it here.
09.01.09 - Ward on Vado HD Judges Panel
I've been invited to be one of the industry judges for Creative's Vado HD "Momentum" Film Contest. Check it out and enter yourself at www.vadofilmcontest.com

12.01.08 - Ward on "Mars Needs Moms!"
Based on the children's book by Berkley Breathed, directed by Simon Wells, and fully produced by the talented artists at Imagemovers Digital, Ward is taking the reigns as IMD's Director's Layout Supervisor on this Zemeckis-produced film.

06.07.08 - Ward gets hitched!
Today, Matthew married his long-time girlfriend just outside of White Plains, Georgia. Nearly 200 people attended the ceremony and the event was beyond anything the couple could have dreamed of.

11.16.07 - "BEOWULF" in theaters.
Now in theaters, "BEOWULF" is Ward's third feature working along side Robert Zemeckis and crew. UPDATE: Now on DVD! Get your copy here!

10.01.07 - Ward voices Golden Man in "BEOWULF." After doing voice work on temp ADR sessions, Ward has been asked to perform the final voice of the "Golden Man" in Robert Zemeckis's "BEOWULF."
04.06.07 - Ward begins work on "A Christmas Carol." Ward is leading the layout production and team for Robert Zemeckis's upcoming performance capture film, "A Christmas Carol." The film stars Jim Carrey.
01.01.07 - Ice Blink Studios becomes... IMD.
Robert Zemeckis's new production company, Imagemovers Digital, has hired the full staff of the former Ice Blink Studios to begin production on his future films. Ward continues with this talented team on an unrevealed project.
11.06.06 - "Natural Selection" on iTunes.
The short film, "Natural Selection" directed by Scott Leberecht, is now available for download on Apple iTunes. Ward did all the pre-visual animation for the "hatchlings" scenes. Click here to see a preview or buy your own copy (itunes required).
08.16.06 - "Scene Unseen"
Ward is producing the new iTunes Podcast hit, "Scene Unseen" featuring a new spin on the movie review process. Visit www.sceneunseenpodcast.com to learn more and have a listen!
08.01.06 - "Everything But You"
The music video for "Everything But You" is now available here at Studioward.com.
Click here to watch!
05.26.06 - "Everything But You" Quicktime
Now up on Glen's website, you can now view the music video, "Everything But You" in Apple's Quicktime! Click here to watch!
05.22.06 - Yahoo! Ratings:
Yahoo reports in on the numbers of views for the music video, "Everything But You."
5/11-5/14: 16,064 plays.
5/11-5/21: 23,468 plays.
05.05.06 - Yahoo! Music Video Premiere
The video for "Everything But You" will run from 12am EST Thursday, to 12am EST Friday as a Yahoo! Music Video Premiere exclusive. That's 9pm PST Wednesday to 9pm PST Thursday.
05.05.06 - Yahoo! Music Video Premiere
The video for "Everything But You" will run from 12am EST Thursday, to 12am EST Friday as a Yahoo! Music Video Premiere exclusive. That's 9pm PST Wednesday to 9pm PST Thursday.
05.04.06 - EXTRA TV interviews Glen Phillips
...About his upcoming album, Mr. Lemons, featuring a few shots from the music video, "Everything But You." Click here to watch the interview.
05.02.06 - "Everything But You"
Studioward Films producing team Matthew Ward (Director/Producer) and Ryan Chan (Editor/Producer) have completed the music video for the Glen Phillips' single, "Everything But You." The track is from Phillips' latest studio album, Mr. Lemons, marking his first music video since Toad The Wet Sprocket. Read about the video here.
02.28.06 - Ward updates "Twister."
Check out
the spec music video to "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Twister." Ward originally filmed the video back in 1996, but has cleaned it up for it's 10-year Anniversary premiere.
11.14.05 - Even Elroy is finishing up their new album...
And Ward is cooking up some music video love. Check out a clip of the concept music video for Even Elroy's "Another Song About Life" in the filmwork section.
07.10.05 - Ward's short film series, The Adventures of Mark and Matty...
...is a contributor to Mark Christiansen's latest book, "Adobe After Effects 6.5 Studio Techniques." Pick up your copy at Amazon or any major book seller.
07.02.05 - War of the Worlds is now in theaters.
Ward was a Pre visual/Concept Animator for Ice Blink Studios' pre-production work on Steven Spielberg's latest alien encounter, War of the Worlds.
01.04.05 - Robota: The Hunted has been chosen to be shown at the 2005 San Francisco International Film Festival, April 21st - May 5th, 2005.
01.02.05 - Robota: The Hunted has been included in this month's STASH Magazine DVD. You can purchase the DVD this month.
11.09.04 - The Polar Express is now in theaters! Ward attended the cast and crew pre-screening and was blown away with the final product. Ward was one of the CG Designers of the film.
11.01.04 - The book, The Art of The Polar Express, is now in stores. Ward worked with the extremely talented team of pre-production artists featured in the book!
09.18.04 - Ward records drums for the band Even Elroy's Untitled 3-song EP, produced by Michael Winger.
09.09.04 - Robota: The Hunted animated short debuts online. Ward was the Animation Supervisor and co-VFX Supervisor of the short.
08.16.04 - Ward begins pre-production on a DreamWorks feature film set for a 2005 release. More info as it can be announced.
07.13.04 - Ward wraps his work on Warner Bros. feature, Catwoman. West Coast Surf Trip planned.
07.01.04 - Studioward.com is launched, without announcement. An offspring of MAWProductions.com, Studioward.com was created to showcase the work of Matthew Ward including all of Ward's past, present and future projects.

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