"A Token of the Wreckage"
-Megan Slankard
music video
written, directed, and cut by Matthew Ward
produced by Matthew Ward, Angela Lucero, Megan Slankard
full credit list at end of video
music "A Token of the Wreckage"
written & performed by Megan Slankard
from the album "A Token of the Wreckage"

"In the video for the title song, Megan Slankard walks past a group of bored slacker musicians sitting on the curb outside a bar. She goes in, finds a location, unpacks her instrument, and starts to play and sing. The musicians from outside find their way inside and provide her with instrumental backing. The footage up to this point is black and white, but it gradually changes to full color as she finishes and leaves the bar. I admit it sounds hokey when put into words, but the simplicity and sincerity of the whole event makes it tremendously effective and uplifting. Slankard’s music is like that, positive and honest to a fault. You won’t regret hearing it, and your life might even be a little better for the effort."
- Soundstagexperience.com review


"In addition to the twelve tracks that make up [the album] A Token of the Wreckage, the video for the title track has already been released [and is included on the disc]. Interpreted and directed by Matthew Ward, Megan says the video subtly reflects the song. “It could be about making light out of dark situations,” said Megan. “The song in a very general sense is about finding a piece of something meaningful in the din of the figurative collapse of things around you."
- Jambandnews.net review


"In the video for A Token of the Wreckage, San Francisco alt-rocker Megan Slankard enters a bar devoid of life and color. As her song builds from a melancholy ballad to a soaring, hope-filled vocal crescendo, life and color flow into the venue. The video (which can be found on her website, meganslankard.com) serves as a tasty appetizer for Slankard’s upcoming fourth CD, also titled A Token of the Wreckage, due out March 5."
- Montgomery Media review


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